Project Description

Product Description : 

The piezoelectric parts feeder “i series” does not use a magnet, there is no magnetic effect on the work, and small items and magnetic work can be easily toured.
There is no need to worry about heating.
The biggest feature is the parts feeder that succeeded in making the height about 40% lower than the conventional product by adopting a vertical spring and stable transfer owning to the cover-base integrated structure.

The vertical layout can be easily performed, and it can be used in a wide range of spaces, which was difficult with conventional products.

Since the drive angle can be changed without processing, fine adjustment is possible according to the workpiece.

The base weight of the cover is increased to increase the moment of inertia. The vibration is more stable due to the improved absorption rate of the reaction force. Stable vibration is generated even in the high-speed transport range.

100V and 200V can be shared by adopting a dedicated controller.
In addition, stable power supply is possible by installing the vibration sensor “KS-3”.


Outer Dimension Of Vibrator


Outer Dimension Of Vibrator


Outer Dimension Of Vibrator