Project Description

Product Description :

The piezoelectric parts feeder drive essentially consists of a fine ceramic piezo-resonator of lead titanate and lead zirconate. This cutting-edge parts feeder is directly driven for feeding through vibration by means of the piezo effect in which strain is generated by applying an electric current. The vibrator is suited for a wide range of applications and different bowls may be installed at any position with a center or a peripheral lock. Non-standard bowls can also be installed with mounting holes drilled on the top plate. The drive unit has no coil or iron core and is durable as well as simple in its mechanism.

It is not necessary to adjust the resonance spring after assembly and switch the frequency between 50 Hz and 60 Hz according to the region of use.

Many years of trouble-free operation can be ensured by simply setting the controller frequency.

A wide range of feed rates can be selected with the voltage control.

Stable feeding is possible, regardless of the specific para-meters of use or of power fluctuation.

There is no magnetic effect on small or magnetic workpieces from the feeder and trouble-free tooling is ensured.

A directly driven spring with a higher oscillation factor permits the feeding of small and thin items without any jiggling.

Piezo Feeder allows a 70% or more reduction in power consumption than electromagnetic feeders.

The use of a dedicated controller allows operation with either 100 or 200V power sources.

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